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‘Alex David’s British Royal Portraits’is my long-term project aiming to catalogue all significant painted portraits of British Royal Family members from the 15th century to the present day. The site is currently hosted on Tumblr and updated periodically as time allows. It is meant to include portraits of each English/British monarch, each royal consort, and any other significant royal family member from every dynasty, like royal children or siblings. It focuses primarily on authentic or contemporary portraits, though some paintings that are not considered true likenesses are sometime included if significant enough historically.

Each painting entry includes the identity of its painter (where known), the date of its creation, its current location, and a brief description of the portrait and its history. Where possible, the location details include a link to the website of the art gallery, museum or historical location that owns the painting where more information can be obtained on the portrait. Tags can also be used to access specific people’s portraits, certain themes, or some individual art collections. The website includes solely paintings and occasional drawings. Sculptures and photographic portraits are not included.

The website is meant to be purely educational and I do not encourage visitors to copy or use portraits in any way that may infringe the rights of the original copyright owners, where applicable.

The project is updated chronologically, dynasty by dynasty, and is currently showing royal Tudor portraits from the reign of King Henry VIII.

Click on this line or the screenshot below to access ‘British Royal Portraits’, and enjoy!

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